The voice of the California international arbitration and ADR community.

Our Vision

California Arbitration is the voice of the California international arbitration and ADR community.

Our focus is the resolution of international business disputes in California. We collaborate with California businesses, their corporate counsel, law firms, ADR providers and universities to support international arbitration and mediation in California. And we provide resources to businesses and legal practitioners around the globe to guide them on international dispute resolution in California.

We celebrate California’s unique place in international dispute resolution. Join us in our outreach to the world.

“California thrives on innovation, diversity and its connection to the world. It’s the place for efficient, fair and effective international dispute resolution.”

Gary Benton
Founder & CEO, California Arbitration

Congratulations California on the 1st Annual California International Arbitration Week!

Congratulations California for an amazingly successful 1st Annual California International Arbitration Week! Over 1500 registrants from over 80 countries attending 28 programs hosted by leading arbitration institutions and organizations from around the world.

California Arbitration is proud to have partnered with the California Lawyers Association on this important event celebrating international arbitration in California. Stay tuned for next year’s California International Arbitration Week details!

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Why Arbitrate in California

California – the fifth largest economy in the world – has it all. Manufacturing, finance, services, technology, life sciences, aerospace, entertainment, agriculture, shipping and many other industry sectors. California is the principal US gateway to the Pacific Rim and Asia. California has major trade ties to Mexico and the rest of Latin America to the south and to Canada to the north. California’s cities, including San Diego, Los Angeles, San Jose/Silicon Valley and San Francisco, offer rich diversity and endless international business opportunities.

California is a global focal point for industry and trade and it shines as an important beacon for international disputes resolution. 

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