CalArb Members Plan Working Groups

California Arbitration (CalArb) held its first Members-only meeting on November 17. The meeting was well attended – most of our 50+ members participated – and there is broad and enthusiastic support for California International Arbitration Week (CIAW) and the role of CalArb in growing international arbitration and ADR is California.

At the meeting, CalArb’s members agreed to form a small Marketing/CIAW Working Group focused on marketing CIAW. This Working Group will immediately develop a plan to engage all interested CalArb members in promoting CIAW. Thereafter the Working Group will be actively involved over the next several weeks and months in overseeing the implementation of the plan, including as to online announcements, development of marketing materials, government relations, assisting in program development, engaging sponsors, planning any CalArb/CLA educational programming for the week, and coordinating with CLA on other marketing initiatives.

In addition, the Members agreed to form a second small working group, the Organization/Structure Working Group, to be focused on organizing/structuring CalArb so that we have the right committees and leadership plan in place. This Working Group will be doing organizational planning: developing a plan for healthy governance, full engagement, active leadership and a focus on diversity/inclusion.

CalArb is growing – and we welcome new members to join us!

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