Welcome To California Arbitration – the voice of the California international arbitration and ADR community.

The launch of California Arbitration comes at an important time as California prepares for its first annual California International Arbitration Week: 14-18 March 2022. Thanks to the leadership of the California Lawyers Association – the Bar Association for California lawyers – California will finally join other leading international arbitration seats in the US and internationally in hosting a week of programming dedicated to international arbitration. This year’s theme is “International Arbitration in California.”

California International Arbitration Week is only the beginning. It rings the bell for all California international arbitration and ADR practitioners to take active roles in growing international arbitration and international mediation in California.

We’re doing that by building California Arbitration the way business is done in California – through collaboration and being adaptable, fast, flexible and agile. California Arbitration is a member-driven organization – and Founding Members are signing up to have a role. Our leaders will be those who step forward and get things done. We welcome new and diverse practitioners as well as  experienced practitioners to take on leading roles so that we are building together for the future.

California Arbitration is already engaging companies, law firms, ADR providers, professional organizations, practitioners and universities here and around the world.

We have a lot of work to do, beginning with our support of the California Lawyers Association on California International Arbitration Week.

From there, we’ll continue to collaborate with the many California law firms developing international arbitration and ADR practices. We’re letting California businesses know about the opportunity for efficient and effective international dispute resolution. And we’re provide resources for the corporate sector, including the growing array of California businesses that can benefit from international arbitration and ADR.

We’ve already started reaching out to corporate counsel throughout California to provide educational resources on how to draft international dispute resolution provisions and properly resolve disputes through international arbitration and mediation. And we’re here to help litigators step out from closed or overcrowded courtrooms and best serve their clients in international arbitration and ADR. As well, we’re developing plans to support California law schools to help the next generation of lawyers be properly prepared for international dispute resolution practices.

Most importantly, we’re showing the world what California – projected to be the fourth largest economy in the world – has to offer. California provides the opportunity for California and non-California businesses to have fair and efficient Pacific Rim-focused international dispute resolution. Parties in disputes involving California’s leading industry sectors – from manufacturing, finance, services, technology, life sciences and aerospace to entertainment, agriculture, shipping and beyond – will benefit from the specialized skills and resources California has to offer.

California Arbitration is a tribute to California’s unique place in international dispute resolution. We intend to emerge from the pandemic with new innovations for international dispute resolution and new opportunities for all.

On behalf of the members of California Arbitration, we look forward to your joining us in our outreach to the world.


Gary Benton, Founder, California Arbitration.

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